Friday, January 11, 2008

Can you tell me about Gillette Stadium?

January 11, 2008: Alison from Jacksonville, FL
Hey!! Told ya about them Jags! BUT,it's not too late, you can jump on the bandwagon now! However for Saturday night, you need to wear your Bills shirt as they won the last time you wore it! hehehehe!!!
My husband and I are going to Foxboro tomorrow night for the game … are you going? Have you been to that stadium? Can you give me any information about it, where to park, if the people are gonna be ok, (all I've packed is Jaguar stuff!)!! etc etc... We are staying at the Hilton by the Boston Airport … looks like it's only a 30 min drive to the stadium.

Hey Alison (see my Jacksonville Jaguars Review),
I can't believe you're going to the game! Wear my Bills shirt, huh... another crack on my perpetually struggling franchise – classic! Yeah I was in Foxboro earlier this year - see my review of Gillette Stadium. I watched that New England Patriots machine unload on the San Diego "Super" Chargers. The stadium is awesome and so are the fans. The people are really cool, you won't have any real trouble wearing Jacksonville Jaguars gear and win or lose you'll have a great time. You want to get there early though, because traffic gets really bad trying to get into the stadium. I was lined up on Washington Street for what seemed like forever and I was there 2.5 hours before gametime. The Patriots fans start early. I was told that at 11am people were already tailgating for an 8:30pm Sunday night game. Parking in the stadium parking lots costs $40, and those Patriots fans are some real tailgaters. As soon as you're parked by lot attendants, the vehicle aisleways fill up with tents, full sized grills, fire pits, and games. Once you're in, you're there to stay. The fans are cooking up every manner of raw meat and seafood known to man. So much so that Gillette Stadium doesn't even try to compete, as they offer really basic concessions that pale in comparison to what's cooking in the parking lot. They do have Sam Adams on tap though. Have fun and send me a picture I can post on my site at POST YOUR NFL PICS!

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