Friday, January 25, 2008

How do you keep warm during those cold weather games?

December 27, 2007: Jennifer from Atlanta, GA
I saw pictures of you at the Blizzard Bowl in Cleveland this year.
What do you wear to keep yourself warm during those cold weather games? Do those handwarmers really work?

I certainly was at the Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns game that they’re calling the 2007 Blizzard Bowl. That was one of the coldest games I’ve ever attended and definitely the snowiest. I like to keep warm using layers, but the most important parts to keep warm are your hands and feet. I usually wear a pair of thermal socks and a couple pairs of wool socks then stuff my feet into a pair of rubber boots. For the Blizzard Bowl I wore Long Johns and jeans and about four sweaters under my winter coat. I always like to bring an extra wool hat and pair of gloves so when the first pair gets wet I can swap ‘em. I do like using the Handwarmers that you can buy at most stores, but for really cold weather I recommend using two or three inside each glove. These Handwarmers are usually air activated and produce heat for 7 – 10 hours. The best thing I found to keep warm is a hunter’s seat cushion that clips around my waist to keep me insulated from the cold and wet bench seats … definitely a must! When in doubt raid the hunting section of your nearest sporting good stores. Those Hunters know how to keep warm in the cold!

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