Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Parking in Philly?

October 22, 2007: Greg from Seattle, WA
I’m going to the Seattle Seahawks game in Philadelphia on December 2. Hopefully my Seahawks can pull out a win.
Where did you find free parking when you were in town?

I’m not sure that free parking is actually available for Lincoln Financial Field. I think it’s more like park at your own risk. I was in Philadelphia for a Monday night game in September. I arrived just before gametime and the parking lots around the stadium were completely full. I ended up following a line of parked cars all the way down Pattison Avenue about two miles east of Lincoln Financial Field. I parked my car by the railroad tracks almost expecting a parking ticket, but when I returned about an hour after gametime, there was none to be found. I hopped into my truck and went on my merry way. You can try it, but I’m guessing it is at risk parking over there. It certainly did help defray the cost of that scalped ticket I had to buy to get into the game though - the Philadelphia Eagles unfortunately lost to the Washington Redskins.

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